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June, 2018

Being situated on an elevated rise in Ringwood, our clients were in desperate need of something to protect the whole western side of their house from the unrelenting afternoon sun. They had done their research and determined that they did not want a fabric awning that retracts, instead they wanted a hard backed polycarbonate shelter that will be useful in winter as well. 

Our client was aware of the concept of the polycarbonate awning, but a meeting was still necessary to break down the finer details, we sat down and discussed the size, the colour, the shape, the pitch, the projection, the height and the fixing method that were most suitable to best meet their requirements. We had colour and product samples as well as photos of previous installations to show the client to give them a real understanding of exactly how the product would look once installed.

After going through council and successfully getting approval to fix a permanent structure to the side of their house, we were able to process the order. The awning was delivered and ready for installation within 3 weeks, with 1 day required for two workers to fully install the structure. 

The clients decided to go with a bluenosed shape with bronze sheeting and black framework to match their black windows, and this came up a treat. The 'bronze' sheet colour is very subtle and provides a medium tint to the sheeting to better protect the area from the direct sun. This colour also gives a contrast to the brickwork of the house and works in well with the windows, especially with the black framework consistency. 

Our clients were incredible pleased with they product and service they received and look forward to making use of this new space in the summer months. We wish the family all the very best in enjoying this space together in times ahead.

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