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January, 2020

When we engaged our wonderful clients in Point Cook originally, they were in the process of completing a total overhaul of the initeriors of their home. Having recently moved in, they felt that the place needed some fast attention to have it feeling comfortable, relaxing and homely to live in.

They had some basic practical requirements but for the styling component they left that entirely in the hands of the ever talented Emma from Elevate Interiors. Provided that the bedrooms felt luxurious and had solid light blockout, and the living spaces felt refreshing and homely, they were happy to leave the rest to us. So we ensured that all bedrooms not only had drapes, but also S fold sheer curtains to really provide that luxe feel, whilst also giving privacy and allowing light to filter through during the day.

For the long and meandering entrance and hallway, we decided that in order to keep them feeling spacious we would opt for double roller blinds with matching pelmets- screens fitted inside the window reveals and blockouts fitted to the architraves, with the pelmets neatly covering the tops of all blockout blinds. This proved to be the perfect way to give a consistent sense of style and class when entering through those big double doors, and walking through to the main living zone. 

And what a stunning living zone this turned out to be. We went with sheer curtains which wrap around the whole lounge area and effortlessly drape onto the flooring, as well as a 7 meter long continuous sheer curtain in the adjoined second living room. We added plantation shutters to the elevated picture windows to really brighten and reinvigorate this beautiful space.

The final product that has really provided another element to the alfresco area is the motorised Zip Trak blind we installed. Being able to close off this area from winds and sun whilst still allowing plenty of light in has made a huge difference to the amount of time this area gets used. And being motorised, it's never a chore to pop it up or down depending on the weather outside. 

This transformation has been an absolute pleasure to facilitate for our delightful clients in Point Cook, we wish them all the very best in their new home and look forward to completing more projects just like this one!

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