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All of our blinds are made to measure so that they fit your windows to the millimetre. Available in tens of different styles and colours, we'll show all of our samples to give you a taste of the finished product once installed. We'll help you with everything from fabric options to colour choice to ensure a stunning result, whist working to your budget.

Roller blinds are an easy way to bring a dash of elegance to your windows. Our blockout fabrics are available in up to eight different styles with over ten different colour options for each fabric style. We also have translucent fabrics, as well as sheers and light-filtering options which can be hung on double-brackets for an uncongested, user-friendly finish. 

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Roman blinds offer your windows a softer and warmer alternative to the convenience of roller blinds. They are ideal for settings such as the living room and bedrooms as they instantly provide a sense of 'home'. Our roman blind fabrics are available in the identical styles and colours to our roller blinds range, allowing customers the luxury of having all of their windows seamlessly matching, as well as several of the stunning Zepel fabric collections. Roman's are just as easy to operate as roller blinds, with a draw-string mechanism used for a noise-free roll. 

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Timber and aluminium venetian blinds are a stylish and effective way of bringing light into your household. Available in stained basswood and cedar, PVC and aluminium, venetians provide a more affordable alternative to plantation shutters.

When open, they compliment the room by bringing in thin rays of light that gently brighten the walls and flooring, and when closed they seamlessly add tradition and authenticity to the windows they cover. 

Highly functional and aesthetically beautiful, venetian blinds are a timeless style of window furnishing that we proudly offer to our valued customers.

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Practical and Simple

Panel glide blinds are the most innovative and modern design when it comes to vertical blinds. They are becoming a highly popular option for open plan indoor/outdoor spaces that have incorporated sliding or bi-folding doors. As roller and roman blinds function horizontally, they are not ideal for sliding and bi-folding door mechanisms, panel glides are the answer to that dilemma. They they light weight and gently glide along their top tracks, meaning everyone in the family can easily operate them. Available in our entire blockout, translucent and light-filtering range, panel glides are ideal for the family living room.

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Energy Efficient

Cellular, or Honeycomb blinds are an ultramodern option that will give your windows a touch of versatility and provide fantastic insulation. Cellular blinds are specifically designed and shaped to trap pockets of air to ensure that the ambient temperature is held at a comfortable level all year round, reducing the need for cooling and heating. Our woven and non-woven polyester fabrics are available in full blockout, translucent and semi-sheer rages and are very easy to clean and highly dust resistant.

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A Complete Finish

Pelmets are a great way to cover up the upper aspects of your blinds and curtains. Roller blinds with white backings mean that the horizontal roll is white when the inside of the blind may be a different colour or texture, therefore some customers opt for pelmets to allow an all-round co-ordinated finish. Available in our entire fabric range, we'll match your pelmet perfectly to the blind fabric to allow your blinds to elegantly compliment the room.

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An Essential Element

Skylights are a fantastic way of bringing that natural light directly from the sky into your home. However when situated in a bedroom, that light can also double as an early alarm bell if not covered. Our cellular blinds have a range that are specifically designed for skylights. Not only do they block out the majority of the light, but they're brilliant for insulation on those chilly winter Melbourne nights, as well as keeping the heat out on any skylights that receive direct sun exposure.

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