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April, 2018

Having recently purchased this stunning family home in Glen Iris, the owners were very keen to begin renovations. After applying fresh paint to the walls, installing solid oak timber floor boards, and charcoal coloured carpets throughout, the next step was to reinvigorate their beautiful cottage windows. With a soft grey tone being the new theme internally, they wanted a colour and a fabric that would compliment the scheme they'd recently recreated throughout the rest of the house. 

When choosing fabrics they simply could not go past the Zepel Hometown range, the warmth and softness of the fabric, along with the practical properties of it's composition made it a perfect choice. The colour was also a well thought out decision, opting to go with a tone to provide enough contrast for the blinds to become a subtle feature, but also softly blend in with the carpets, floorboards and new paint colour.

With the previous window furnishings also having been Roman blinds, the customers were already well aware of what to expect. However, for the side panel at the entry door they elected to go for a timber Venetian blind in pure white, which came up a treat. And for the basement, come office area, they went for a pure white roller privacy screen as it would only be for day time usage.

This installation process took one full day, with some minor adjustments being required to finish off the job. We wish the owners all the very best in their new abode, and hope that their new roman blinds provide them with the comfort and versatility they need. 

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