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Exceptional Quality

Basswood plantation shutters are undoubtedly the most warm and character-filled shutter on the market. They are technically a hardwood timber, but are very light and bring a strong sense of authenticity and tradition to windows. They can either be painted to match your current windows and architraves, or stained for a more authentic look as they have a very consistent timber pattern. Being so light-weight means they can are available in wider panels, have no ongoing issues with movement and rigidity and they are very easy to install. Made from trees grown in New Zealand and Germany, then sent to China for manufacturing, Basswood shutters are suitable for any window around the house.

Poplar plantation shutters are very similar to basswood shutters as they are again a light-weight form of hardwood, so they too are genuine timber. They therefore have similar qualities to Basswood shutters- warmth and authenticity- except slightly more friendly on price. Poplar shutters can vary in their natural range of colours therefore they are not ideal for staining, however their finish once painted is just as flawless as any. Made from trees grown in Russia and China and sent to the factory in China for treatment and manufacture, Poplar shutters are equally as capable of reinvigorating all windows around the house. 

Aluminium plantation shutters allow an all-round flawless finish. Perfect for outdoor applications, they completely resist the effects of water, condensation, dirt, dust and sun damage. Available in any Colourbond colour, our superior quality powder coating means our colours never fades, and the structural integrity of the aluminium means they won't ever warp or become miss-shaped due to ongoing sun exposure. Also suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, aluminium shutters guarantee an all-round complete finish. Their one downfall is simply the fact that they do tend to hold the ambient temperature for a small time longer than alternative materials, however if in areas of low sun exposure this will not pose an issue. Being manufactured, powder-coated and assembled right here in Melbourne, we can give our customers a speedy turn-around time of 10 working days.  

PVC plantation shutters are arguably the most common shutter currently being used in Melbourne. They are essentially a plastic/vinyl imitation of hardwood shutters and are sprayed with a number of different coatings to resist the effects of sun exposure and moisture. Although PVC shutters somewhat sacrifice somewhat on warmth and feel, they do offer a more practical option in certain settings. Our PVC shutters are all produced in the same factory as our Basswood and Poplar shutters, ensuring perfect consistency across our whole shutters range.

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