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Our folding arm awnings are among the highest quality in the industry. We use Italian designed technology to ensure the strongest and longest lasting products for the forever unpredictable Melbourne weather. Available in standard, semi-cassette and full cassette awnings, we'll guide you through the most appropriate style, colour and fabric for your home or business. 

Our folding arm awnings can be operated manually with a crank handle, or automatically via motorisation, whereby we can arrange for a wall switch to be added internally or externally, or a remote control. We have several options for motorisation, ranging from state of the art German and French motor systems, through to more affordable motors which still boast great quality and longevity. 

Additional extras included wind sensors, motion sensors, signage and of course motorisation. 

Awnings: Materials


Outdoor alfresco blinds provide your outdoor spaces with relief from unpleasant weather conditions, whether it be heat, direct sunlight, rain or wind, they allow you to sit and enjoy the fresh outdoor air with the comfort of a cosy, inside feel. Our alfresco blind range is vast, we offer three different systems to allow our customers access to the most applicable system for their particular setting. Our ZipTrack, E-Zip and ZipScreen outdoor blind systems all offer superior quality, but vary slightly in their zip and locking mechanisms. All are available in a variety of mesh and acrylic options, with plenty of colours and visibility ranges to choose from. They can be operated manually or automatically via a remote control, and can be stopped and even lock at any position you desire.

We also have traditional cafe blinds in clear or tinted PVC, for those wanting the ability to clearly see inside and out, along with full protection from the rain and wind.

Awnings: Materials


Automatic and fixed guide awnings are ideal for windows that receive direct sun throughout the day, particularly those facing north or west. They are applied to the exterior of the window and make a dramatic difference to the temperature of a room due to the density of the fabrics that we use, whether it be mesh, canvas or acrylic. As well as providing a house with fantastic insulation, they can also seamlessly compliment the exterior when the right colours are chosen, which we'll assist you with. Automatic awnings are manually operated and fixed guide awnings can be manual with a rope and pulley or crank handle, as well as the option of motorisation.

Awnings: Materials
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We have a magnificent range of canopy awnings that are ideal for many applications. We'll measure up your awning and take you through our many options that range from Dutch Hoods, to French Canopies, to Bullnosed Canopies, to many more in several different shapes and colours to best suit the setting it is being applied to. For retail settings we offer signage options to boost the exposure and street appeal of your business.

Awnings: Materials


Polycarbonate awnings are the perfect solution for walkways and patio areas that lack a structure to provide protection from the weather. The polycarbonate material allows light to continue to filter through, and has UV protection on both sides, making them an ideal option for patio roofing. They come in many different projection sizes and can be joined to cover any width. There are 5 sheet colour choices available and 4 standard framework colour choices, with powder coating available for additional colours.

Our aluminium louvres are a modern alternative for windows that require sun protection all year round via a fixed, solid structure. Providing a modern aesthetic to a building from the outside, fixed louvres are a great way to give windows sun relief, whilst continuing to allow ventilation.  

Awnings: Materials
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