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December, 2019

We engaged this client via our great friend Emma from Elevate Interiors, who wanted to refresh this property and come up with something more vibrant for the windows than the roller blinds that were currently there.

Plantation shutters were a must for the master bedroom, firstly because these windows receive a huge amount of morning sun, and in the heat of summer this has been unbearable, so they needed something a little better for insulation. And secondly, they obviously wanted a window furnishing that would aesthetically boost the room and still bring plenty of light in during the day.

For the study/man cave zone, this was also an east-facing window so insulation was again a priority, but being a part of the facade it was important to match this to the windows upstairs in the master bedroom. Shutters here also proved to be very practical as we were able to isolate the blade operation into three sections, so they could be manipulated to provide privacy whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light.

And finally for the main living and dining zone where the existing blinds were the same roller blinds, we decided together that these could stay if we moved them to be recessed inside the window frames, which would allow us to add sheer curtains over the front of the windows. This worked out beautifully, just as we expected! The range and colour choices for the fabric complimented the rug, furniture and ottoman in the living area, whilst also managing to really soften the dining area. 

We were all incredibly pleased with the final result for our clients here in South Kingsville, and we wish them all the very best in their wonderful new home!

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