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The owners of this home engaged us with a clear aim to give their home an overall boost in vibrance and class. They saw the window furnishings as a really important area in which they could soften the rooms and compliment their other furniture and fixtures that they'd added over recent years. 

They did have a colour palate in mind, which we completely agreed with and wanted to help bring to life. With our favourite grey-black-white colour scheme ready to go, we took the challenge on board and brought to life an incredible revamp of this East Malvern period home. 

We incorporated black decorative rods to the S fold sheer curtains, which complimented the grey fabric colour perfectly. This subtle accent of black worked in beautifully with the lighting fixtures and window frames, and the fabric colour lent itself to the contrasting greys of the rug and bedspread. 

We added blockout blinds to the window recesses in the master and living areas, to sit behind the sheers and allow this family the practical benefits light blockout, privacy and insulation. By choosing a textured white fabric colour they were able to seamlessly blend in with the window recesses and architraves, whilst also giving enough texture to provide some interest in the windows when the sheers are open.

For the kids bedroom and second living area we elected to go with pure white plantation shutters. Again we were able to fit these within the window recesses which gave them a very clean finish, without needing a bulky frame to sit them in.

Our clients were overjoyed at the difference that their incredible new window furnishings had made to the feel and vibrance of their home, we're thrilled to have been able to carry out this project and we wish them all the very best in their freshly styled home!

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