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July, 2020

These clients engaged us whilst planning a renovation of the entire interior of their beautiful Hawthorn home. With most of the renovations already underway or completed, they were determined to approach the windows with the same creativity they had already brought to the rest of the house. Being a traditional weatherboard home, they opted to combine a mix of plantation shutters and roller blinds, to not only tie in with the aesthetics and decor of the home, but to offer that perfect mix of privacy and functionality. 

Being situated next door to an apartment complex, this family were in need of a window furnishing which allowed them to control the amount of privacy they had from neighbours but also bring in plenty of light, and shutters have a wonderful ability to do this. Having the top louvres separated from the bottom louvres allows them to close up the bottom half, whilst still bringing in plenty of light via the top half. The shutters also complimented the modern renovation of the laundry perfectly by providing a vibrant white touch of personality to the windows. 

Adding a plantation shutter to the door was also a decision which paid off, aesthetically and practically. The cutout around the door handle was certainly a challenge to measure but one we happily accepted as it worked in so well with the other shutters in that area of the house. 

And finally, for the 12 existing roller blinds that this family arduously had to pull up and down each day to allow some light in, they took the plunge and had them replaced with motorised roller blinds in a subtlety textured white fabric. Being able to open and close them all via the touch of a button was something they were very much looking forward to.

This resulted in quite an incredible feature of the expansive kitchen, dining and living space that this family spend so much time in (video viewable on our Instagram page). Our clients were thrilled with their new window furnishings, they look forward to the ease, practicality and beautiful new looks of their vibrant new shutters and blinds, and we wish them nothing but the very best with their young family in this lovely Hawthorn home!

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