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August, 2018

The inspiration for our customer to explore the option of having a curtain as opposed to sliding wardrobe doors for this project was both financial and cosmetic. Having recently had this ginormous 3.8m x 3.5m wardrobe installed they had come to the point where they needed to look at finishing it off to allow it to complement the rest of this beautifully styled master bedroom. 

The customer was determined that a curtain could be the right option, but was just having trouble finding the right company to facilitate this. We took on the challenge by listening to the specific details of what the customer wanted, explained the process and came up with a plan. Wanting to go with a fabric that wasn't too easy to see through, but not a heavy drape either, we settled on a Warwick fabric- best described as a dense sheer, in a rich grey to tie in with the timber bedhead and the deep grey feature wall. We chose not to apply a lining to the back the fabric to maintain the soft feel of the linen and cosmetically allow it to fall more freely. 

The pelmet at the top of the wardrobe was included to tie in with the other pelmet at the front window of the bedroom, and to allow the installation of an LED light strip to shine down on the curtain to provide a hotel-like, luxurious finish.

Arguably to most user friendly feature of this wardrobe curtain is that both stacks are 'free-floating', meaning they are not tied to one side of the track and they can both float independently, at any width, across the span of the track. They can be separated evenly, or all pushed to one side of the wardrobe to allow access to larger items at the other side.

The final result was simply stunning, the colour of the fabric complimented the remainder of the room and the curtains were very easy to use. Our customer was delighted with the final result and we hope they get great use out of these in the times ahead. 

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