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Best Quality

This design of stainless steel security door is without doubt the best on the market. Having personally worked for the manufacturer for many years, we have an incredible understanding of the brilliance behind this design, and it's credentials and list of industry awards strongly support this.

Firstly, the 304-B grade stainless steel sheet is 0.8mm thick, much thicker than alternative stainless steel options that are woven and therefore far less tolerant to sharp objects and heavy impacts. The sheet is then powder coated black to give a smooth, seamless finish which is difficult to see through due to its density and tint, and fails to gather large amounts of dust. Once powder coated and cut to size, the sheet is then folded around the edges to allow it to fold into the internal shape of the frame and be forced in using a PVC locking bead which is unaccessible once locked in place. The sheet is then polished with a non-toxic silicon spray to maintain a glamorous finish and the furniture is applied.

Triple locking mechanisms on hinged doors mean the door is locked in 3 points along the door jamb, all controlled by a simple key and snib system. Sliding doors are available in many different styles and settings- panel doors, stacking doors, double doors and many more.

Below is the list of tests that the design exceeds to ensure it meets Australian Security Standards:

- Repetitive Impact Test

- Knife Shear Test

- Bushfire Test

- Jemmy Test

- Pull Test

This design has been approved by the Australian Window Association as a design that allows you to leave your windows or doors open with just your stainless steel door or screen locked to give you peace of mind that you are safe whilst inside.

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