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May, 2019

This project came to us, again, via the wonderful girls at Norsu. Our client had recently purchased a charming residence in Ashwood and was clearly very keen to add her own touch and a very warm, homely vibe to the entire house. 

Having purchased the house with newly installed roller blinds, she was wanting to keep these on the window for practicality, but looking to add some class over the top. For the main windows in the kitchen and bathrooms she was happy to do away with the roller blinds and replace them with plantation shutters. And let's just say that each of her decisions were spot on. Adding sheer curtains over the top of the roller blinds in the living areas and bedrooms provided her whole house with no only a sense of consistency, but also a beautiful soft, soothing feel when you take a walk through the house. 

The fabric chosen was a mid-high range linen Warwick fabric- which, as you can see, has a fantastic colour range. The Pink Rosewater for the daughters bedroom (her favourite colour) was personally our favourite!

With such a stunning renovation it would be a shame to not have the most luxurious window furnishings added to finish the whole project off. So plantation shutters were naturally the most elegant option for the wet areas and smaller feature windows. The shutters were done in a Pure White (one of our 10 different White options), which is our 'whitest White', to give the windows a contemporary modern feel, whilst still managing to tie in with the other whites incorporated via tiles and paint colours in all rooms.

Our client was thrilled with the result, and we couldn't be happier either. The installation was completed in 2 different stages, one half-day for the sheers, and another half-day for the shutters as they have longer lead times than our other products. We wish our lovely client all the very best in her new home, we're sure this won't be her last stunning home renovation!

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